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An isolated introvert

A typical introvert tends to look internally, focusing on their own thoughts and feelings. Described as;

Introversion exists on a spectrum along with extroversion. While some individuals may be classified as typical introverts or extroverts, most actually lie somewhere in between.

Me?! I am your typical introvert.

I enjoy being on my own. Most would describe me as quiet. I am very self aware. I learn by watching (not creepy at all). I am drawn to activities and jobs that rely on independence. I am distracted and unable to focus when there is too much stimulation (I was only yesterday explaining to someone the reason why I listen to instrumental music while working - I find lyrics too distracting).

Therefore, you might think that I, and my fellow introverts, are primed and ready for this #stayhome, social distancing way of life. We could even be in a position to thrive.

Hmm. Maybe, maybe not.

Image Credit: Mukuko Studio on Unsplash


...the idea of physical distancing and being almost entirely confined to my little one bedroom flat didn’t really bother me. Dare I say, I almost welcomed it.

I am a home body. Always have been. I always manage to find something to do (I am incapable of sitting still), whether it be writing, reading, sewing, yoga-ing, organising or rearranging something. So the idea of having to stay at home was also an opportunity to not have to really talk and ultimately engage with anyone. It removed the pressure to be social. No longer was I being "lazy" and "unsociable". I was being responsible and diligently following the instructions from Boris.

The newfound reliance on digital and remote communication was also something to relish. Why? More control and more time to plan of course. Whether it be via email, voice calls (yes remember those), face chat, or video conferencing, these mediums usually involve some form of planning or scheduling. Even more-so when managing time zones. There is also the added bonus that being able to participate from essentially your couch, is conducive to a much more relaxing environment.


... I am just over a week into my physical distancing and the uncertainty surrounding the longevity of this #stayhome situation is starting to sink in.However, I am learning a thing or two about myself and my introverted way of life.

There is such a thing as too much solitude. I need to be careful not to take advantage of my introverted nature too much.

In order to find a healthy balance between downtime, which is in abundance at the moment, and engagement, maybe it's time I...

  • ...upped my social game. This could be as simple as comments or messages on Instagram, or joining in on a online chat.

  • ...showed my face a little more in order to connect. I have always hated the idea of looking at myself on screen. Is it time to rethink video's of myself on my Insta stories, or even giving video calling a crack?

  • ...picked up the phone for a voice call! Shocking I know.

Please GET IN TOUCH or leave me a comment, and let me know if you are a fellow introvert, and how you are managing physical distancing. Do you have any tips on engaging socially?

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