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How do you ensure you're buying with sustainability in mind?

I was in need of a warm, waterproof, go-with-everything-jacket. You see, Munich weather reminds me of being back home in Melbourne. Four seasons in one day (just a a tad more extreme in these winter months). Therefore, the weather becomes a key consideration when getting dressed in the morning.

I found myself "umming and ahhing" about this particular jacket for months. Why? Because this jacket would be an investment piece and would add a lot of value to my wardrobe. It therefore had a lot of boxes to tick.

For me, sustainability is at the forefront of my mind whenever I am making purchasing decisions. I like to consider the broader picture. I certainly don't rush into buying anything.

I understand that everyone approaches shopping differently. However, being that bit more mindful is a healthy habit to get into. Personally, I have found that ensuring I ask myself a few simple questions prior to "adding to cart" has encouraged me to slow down, buy less, and buy on a need rather than want basis, while also encouraging longevity.

This is what I considered before heading to the check out with the winter jacket:

  • Do I really need it? Or, do I just want it?

  • Will it go with a number of pieces I already own?

  • Will I still want to wear it in a few years time? (this encourages you to avoid heavily trend driven pieces that will go out of fashion in a couple of months)

  • Is it fit for purpose? (i.e. is it weather appropriate)

  • Does the brand align with my values?

How do you ensure you shop with a sustainable mindset?

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Vegan cooks to follow

Australians barefoot obsession

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This week's recommended reading


New on the blog

  • Label Love: Ecoalf reveals how this Spanish brand places the environment at the core of everything they do.


Vegan cooks to follow

As I have mentioned previously, I was essentially an 'at home vegan' last year, just not a strict one. So I have used this year's Veganuary to help me take that next step. Two weeks in, and I actually think I am doing OK.

While, I am yet to find a good vegan croissant in Munich, and I can’t seem to get the hang of egg replacer, I can still enjoy bakery bought brezels (or pretzels) with vegan butter from home. Plus, I have found some amazing blogs and accounts to follow.

So if your new to a plant based diet like me, or even a long time vegan, here are a few people and pages I recommend giving a follow:

  1. Deliciously Ella (obviously), and her app is also worth it too

  2. The Happy Pear

  3. The Minimalist Baker

  4. Fit Green Mind

  5. Bosh!

While I have lived in Munich for a year now, thanks to Covid, I certainly haven't racked up a year's worth of eating out. So if you live in Munich, and have any recommendations of where to go, I would love it if you shared below :)

Also, if you haven't already, and you are interested in finding out about veganism's relationship with out wardrobes, be sure to check out my article 'Vegan, but make it fashion'


Australians barefoot obsession

For something a bit lighthearted, I thought I would share the video Why Australians love going barefoot, from the BBC. I have had this open in my phone for a couple of weeks now as a reminder to watch, and I finally got around to it this week.

This short clip looks into the cultural habit of going barefoot in Australia.

Wearing no shoes is considered pretty normal in Australia. But as I came to learn pretty quickly after moving overseas, this is actually considered kind of weird elsewhere. Here in Munich, for example, we have specific "hausschuhes" (literally meaning house shoes). So there is no going barefoot even indoors.

So why barefoot?

  • It's bloody hot in Australia. Too hot for shoes sometimes.

  • Beach culture is big in Australia. We love to surf, swim and sun-bake, so shoes don't really make sense.

  • Going barefoot brings you closer to the land.

  • We are generally a pretty laid back, chilled nation. So we won't judge you for your decision to not wear shoes.

  • Often, we just go barefoot because we can!

There are some things to remember.

  • Sand get's super hot. So it is worth packing your thongs/flip flops.

  • Have you heard of bindis? These are tiny, sharp-needled seeds that can be found in the grass. Need I say more?! Ouch!


What I have been reading online this week


Please get in touch or leave me a comment. I would love to know how you are becoming a more mindful shopper. Let me know what you have reading, watching or listening to this week also.

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!

Emma xx


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