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Slowing down

This will be my last weekly wrap-up for a few weeks.

Things are ramping up in both my personal and work life, and I am finding I am not able to dedicate as much time as I would like to these posts. So I have decided to slow down, and release a monthly version, that will hopefully contain more thoughtful and useful content.

In parallel, I hope to get back into posting on social media, which is certainly an area I have neglected for some time now. I hope to share some new content across the platforms to supplement the release of these wraps.

I hope you enjoy this short post, and I look forward to being back better in a months time!

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Mindful shopping behaviour

This week's recommended reading


Keeping it mindful

I am heading home (finally) in a couple of months. But, this trip is extra special as my sister is getting married. Therefore, I have been busy thinking and planning what I am going to wear.

While I understand that everyone approaches shopping differently, I thought I would share with you my thought process when it comes to choosing clothing, while ensuring I keep sustainability at the forefront of my mind.

My first thought, was I need to buy something new. I always used to buy new outfits for special events. Even the not so special ones (check out my earlier post 'Just repeat it'). The thing is, we love, and expect newness. This constant thirst for novelty isn't even anything new (just ask our dopamine systems). But the (fast)fashion model capitalises on this mentality, fuelling over-consuming behaviour by selling us this idea that new is our only option.

But I recognised this mindset, and turned it around.

I opened last weeks wrap with a fantastic post from @f.laura_and_fauna that lists some of the differences between a fast and slow fashion mindset. A fast fashion mindset focuses on regular, impulse purchases that result in little wear, a slow approach involves thoughtful purchases that have longevity in mind, while also making the most of what we have.

So I turned to my wardrobe.

After-all, the most sustainable thing you can wear is what is already hanging in your wardrobe!

But, my style is super casual, so I didn’t really have anything "dressy" enough for this particular occasion (besides the dress I wore to my own wedding). But what I did have was my much loved pair of Swedish Hasbeens peep toe sandals, just waiting to be taken out again. So this was my starting point.

Then came the Pinterest board and the questions.

I love a Pinterest board. They are a great way of organising things you like, complete with links, and visualising how things might work together. So with my sandals in mind, and a few key questions (below), I got pinning!

  • Will I wear it again?

  • Can I easily dress it up or down with accessories?

  • Will it go with things I already own (most importantly, outerwear, as it’s never that warm here in Munich)?

  • Does it align with my values?

What is your thought process when it comes to buying (or not buying) something?


What I have been reading online this week

  • We have all dropped our clothes off to a local charity bin or store. But do we give much thought to what happens next? It isn’t what you may think. What fast fashion costs the world, from Experience Magazine, tells of where these unwanted clothes really do end up, and how it is impacting the people who receive our donations. While it is an uncomfortable read, I feel we need these pieces sometimes to raise our awareness, and to help change mindsets and consumer behaviour.

  • Gen Z’s ambition? Create a new fashion system is a more hopeful read from Vogue Business, describing how Gen Z are taking things into their own hands, and shaking up the fashion system as they focus on sustainability, collaboration and individuality.

  • Behind the label: how the US stitched up the Honduras garment industry, from The Guardian, is lengthy, but well worth a read. The piece brings to light the exploitation of cheap labour in Honduras, as corporations seek to keep not only their costs, but responsibilities, to a minimum.


Please get in touch or leave me a comment. I would love to know your thought process when shopping. Also, let me know what you have been reading, watching or listening to this week.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

Emma xx


This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions contained on this site are my own. I am not affiliated with any brands, products, or organisations mentioned, and do not receive any sponsorship, payment, or other compensation for any of the content on this site.

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