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Weekly wrap - 6

5 - 11 September, 2021

I love reading. But sadly, e-books, or borrowing from a library, just don't do it for me. Nothing beats a physical book that I can call my own and fill my shelves with.

However, I am sometimes guilty of heading straight to Amazon to grab my next read. Particularly, as I live in a non-English speaking country, this is usually my easiest option to find a book that I will actually be able to read. This week, after receiving a whole list of book recommendations from my sister, instead of simply heading to Amazon, I opted for pre-loved.

Just like second hand clothing, pre-loved books are kind on your wallet, and better for the environment. Plus, it is nice knowing that your book has a back story of it's own.

Now I know books have nothing to do with "fashion", but it is Second Hand September after all! So, as I eagerly await my delivery of pre-loved books, I would love to know what else you buy second hand. Please let me know in the comments section below.


Take a read

It was pretty disappointing (and somewhat surprising) to read this week, that retailer John Lewis are looking to head in the cheaper, and faster, direction in an attempt to overhaul their business, and bring back falling profits.

As described in The Telegraph article John Lewis to launch low-cost fashion range, the retailer will expand their already existing Anyday line, through the introduction of a new clothing range. This will serve to rival fast fashion giants such as Asos and Boohoo, with clothes being expected to be sold for as little as £4. 

Sadly, this is just another example of a brand placing profit over planet!

I stumbled across the article How behavioural psychology can help you put your intentions into action on Positive News this week, and found it quite an insightful read on why we sometimes struggle to turn our attitudes into behaviour, even if it is as simple as wanting to reduce our plastic usage, but forgetting our reusable tote.

One of the key takeaways from the article included the idea that while willpower may be enough in the beginning, it won't sustain the forging of new habits. Instead. The key to implementing new habits is breaking down unrealistic goals into smaller more realistic (bite sized) goals. In doing so, we will be offered many smaller successes that boost our confidence, instead of facing continual failures.


Take a look

This week I am recommending the new Naia Pants pattern from the Australian fabric store Tessuti. The Tessuti Surrey Hills store got me through many a practical assessment at college, so this purchase was a nice trip down memory lane.

I usually draft my own patterns, but with my blocks in storage back in the UK I have recently been trying out some commercial patterns. What I particularly loved about the Tessuti pattern is that the pattern pieces have been drafted by hand instead of the usual computerised print out. The instruction booklet is also really easy to follow, and features really helpful photographs to follow along with.

After road testing my pair of black washed linen version for the first time this week, I can tell you that not only did I receive a number of comments, but they are officially the most comfortable and versatile pants I own.

This pattern is for anyone who loves a baggy, drop crotch style of pant (my favourite). Plus, living in chilly Munich, I can see myself popping a pair of thermal leggings underneath and wearing them throughout the cooler months. They also feature nice deep side pockets (a must, right?!), and an optional patch pocket on one leg. The wide elasticised waistband is also a nice inclusion, adding to their relaxed feel, and making them easy to customise in size.


Coming up

Be sure to check out these two (free) events, which you can register for online via Eventbrite (links included below) that are coming up this week. I will include a wrap up of each conversation next week!

  • Solidarity in the Secondhand Supply Chain: This panel discussion and Q&A for Second Hand September will be hosted by The OR Foundation and Fashion Revolution, and will look into the social and environmental issues within the global secondhand fashion supply chain.


Please GET IN TOUCH or leave me a comment. I would love to know what you have been reading, listening or watching this week.

Emma xx


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